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(Giacomo Puccini – 1858 december 22. – 1924 november 29.)
3rd Annual Opera Seminar with 8 Concerts – Sopron
This Summer will be special because 2024 is the 100th anniversery of Puccini’ death and we decided to link the whole Spring and Summer plans to his music.
Our conductors are going to select scenes from Puccini’s operas for the live performances but also we would like to keep the possibility of our applicants open to apply in groups with exact secenes, maybe one of them wins our heart and will be shown to the audience in June-July. Also the plan is to perform Gianni Schicchi.
By the end of January as the latest we announce all the selected scenes so please follow our Opera Studio Sopron facebook page.
Also, feel free to contact us with scene recommendations.
We organize 8 concerts for the young singers of which 6 will be at the Liszt Center and announced as the Opera & Champagne concerts which became a tradition by now. The 7th and 8th concerts will be at the Cave Theater Dohnanyi Hall with the PUCCINI 2024 PROGRAM mentioned above.
1st week: June 24-30
2nd week: July 1-7
Opera & Chamagne June 26-27-28 (Liszt Center)
Opera & Champagne July 3-4 és 7 (Liszt Center)
Puccini 2024 – June 30 és July 6 (Dohnányi Hall, Barlangszínház):
No need to perform 8 times, we are going to decide together who performs when and what. June 30 and July 6 are mandatory to those who assigned for the PUCCINI 2024 project.
– The beautiful Liszt Center.
– Petofi ter 3. – right next to the Liszt Center.
All these venues are at the heart of the beautiful and uplifting city center where everything is walking distance, all the cafes, shops, restaurants and the train station is within 5 minutes walk.
There are trains from Vienna in every hour and it take 70 minutes, from Budapest 2hrs and 20 minutes. It is a bit easier to fly to Vienna for this reason but even from the Budapest airport  it is comfortable by train.
István Dénes– Hungarian State Opera House, conductor – repetiteur
(Gianni Schicchi)
Claudio Morbo – conductor – repetiteur
(Puccini and Women)
Dénes Gulyás – tenor
Attila Toronykőy– Hungarian State Opera House, director
Application deadline:
1st March 2024
Application step by step:
1. Please fill the application form on our website (maybe it won’t work with mobile phone, only with laptop): – Application Menu
Just email us:
2. Please email us video link(s)
3. We schedule an online meeting
4. Transferring the fee to secure your place, we let you know the bank account details in a separate email.
Program fee: 880 Euro – Gianni Schicchi (two weeks)
880 Euro – Puccini opera scenes (one week)
Includes vocal coaching, coaching with conductors, rehearsals, 8 concerts, future concert opportunities.
In case someone wants to be part of  two or three projects of the announced three the fee will be
1180 Euro. This means that they have to stay for two weeks.
In case you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:
+36 30 7392983 on Viber
We are going to recommend accomodations. The good news is that Hungary is a very safe country, Sopron is very clean and safe place and you will see that prices in general will be quite friendly.


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