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I am very happy to announce that Sopron’s first opera studio programme, the Opera Studio Sopron has opened its doors since February 2022 as the city’s new cultural and musical focus group. Its creation and establishment have been a long-desired wish on my part. As a pianist born in Sopron I feel that it is time to give something back to this city, something that we all can be proud of. During the past years, I have travelled to many places in the world and I received numerous impulses from which I have derived the necessary experiences and interactions to build this initiative, the Opera Studio Sopron. I hope that our events will be beneficial and provide useful knowledge and experience to many young artists not just from Hungary but from all around the world, as well as professional skills and valuable friendships. They are going to give high level gala concerts and opera concerts in future and I hope that they complete our programmes with tons of beautiful memories in their heart.

We have a magnificent inner city in Sopron with cosy historic streets, cafes, restaurants, small shops, surrounded by a beautiful forest. I hope that all participants in our program will find it satisfying and the few days they spend here will offer them much needed rest and relaxation as well.

The venue that houses this new initiative is the Franz Liszt Cultural Center, which is one of the most prominent institutions not only in Sopron, but in the entire West Hungarian region.  Béla Bartók visited here and gave four concerts in the City in 1905 and later during the 1920s. Franz Liszt, on the other hand, gave the first concert of his life here in October 1820 at the age of nine. Ferenc Lehár and his family spent the best years of their lives in Sopron when Lehár was still a child. His first composition was completed here when he was six years old. Lehár was a perennial child of the town and remained a Hungarian citizen while he resided in Austria until his death.

Katalin Zsubrits
The Founder and Head of the Opera Studio Sopron.

Zsubrits Katalin Opera Studio Sopron

„My doctors are seriously concerned about my health. I should work less. But when there is an inner restlessness that pushes me to go on, how can I follow rational recommendations made by doctors? Here is my trip to Sopron, for example. My doctors will castigate me for this. They sent me to the French Riviera, but instead, I am going to Sopron. And to be honest, I am glad that I am going there. I like this old town, the crooked streets, the old houses, the parks that offer dreams and the local residents here. Since this town represents my youth, this town offers me all the happiness and joy that has evaporated. Perhaps I will cut my trip to the Riviera short. I need to go to Sopron. I feel at home there.”

Ferenc Lehár

Opera Studio Sopron

We welcome young and emerging – professional artists from all around the world. We provide world class professional development by opera singers, conductors and repetiteurs with decades of international opera theater experience.


2023, April


Theme: Jazz weekend, jazz singing workshop with known jazz singer Eszter Váczi.

A fantastic opportunity for spending two days with known Hungarian jazz singer Eszter Váczi. Jazz improvisation, styles.

At the piano: Tibor Kónyai.


Date: 1-2 April


Venue: Sopron, Munkácsy terem


Faculty: Eszter Váczi (jazz singer) and Tibor Kónyai (jazz pianist)


Application: You can fill our application form on our website: www.operastudio.hu – Application menu. Please do not hesitate to contact us: info@operastudio.hu.



Very unique opportunity to learn rockopera and musical roles and vocal technique with the legendary Hungarian singer Sándor Sasváry.

Date: 29-30 April

Venue: Belváros, City Center

Please go to the application menu to find some more details. 


26 JUNE – 2 JULY 2023.


About the program:

One of the best opera  masterclass programs of the year in Hungary!

This is going to be our 2nd opera seminar. Last year it was a great success! You can meet multiple artists with 30-40 years of stage experience and international career!

Role coaching

Bel Canto technique

Italian repertoire

Mozart recitativo workshops

Gala concert


Gala concert date: 2 July, 2023


Venue: Sopron, Liszt Center


Faculty: Mónika Fischl (soprano), Berle Sanford Rosenberg (tenor), István Dénes, Alessandro Pagliazzi (conductor, repetiteur), Katalin Zsubrits (pianist)


Application: You can fill our application form on our website: www.operastudio.hu – Application menu. Please do not hesitate to contact us: info@operastudio.hu.




Temesi Mária Opera Stúdió Sopron

Prof. Dr. Maria Temesi


Opera singer and opera ambassador at Hungarian State Opera House, university professor and head of voice department at University of Szeged Faculty of Music. Founder and competition director of the ’József Simándy’ International Singing Competition.


Lukács László Bariton Opera Stúdió Sopron

Laszlo Lukacs


He began his career at the Hungarian State Opera House, then became a member of the Trier Opera after Prague, where he was the theatre’s leading baritone singer for more than 30 years.


Hongyu Chen Opera Stúdió Sopron

Hongyu Chen


Since 2018 he has been a junior professor at the Inner Mongolia Art University in China and at Szeged University in Hungary, as well as a visiting professor for master classes in China and Europe.


Alessandro Pagliazzi Opera Studio Sopron

Alessandro Pagliazzi


He works as a vocal coach in Vienna and performs with distinguished artists like KS. Peter Dvorsky and KS. Neil Shicoff.


Toronykőy Attila Opera Stúdió Sopron

Attila Toronykőy

(Hungarian State Opera House)

Attila Toronykőy was born in Szeged in 1969. While earning his degree in structural engineering at Budapest’s Ybl Miklós Technical College, he also studied violin. In 1991, he wound up in the opera department of the National Theatre, where he started by working as an assistant director before becoming a director.


At the piano

Zsubrits Katalin Opera Stúdió Sopron

Katalin Zsubrits

Classical pianist & Repetiteur

Katalin Zsubrits is a Hungarian pianist. She was studying music / piano performance in Budapest, Hungary and the UK and won piano competitions when she was younger. After her studies she spent seven years in the Middle East (Kuwait, Qatar, UAE – Dubai and Abu Dhabi) as a solo pianist where she strived to create awareness of the benefits and importance of music education by teaching piano for children and young adults and organizing piano recitals for them.